Apply for the Fitment Show Indoor Exhibition Hall, Premium Outdoor Plaza & Official Show Paddock on SUNDAY 18TH SEPTEMBER 2022.

We've some set rules for applying:

1. We cannot accept any 'projects' or vehicles that 'will be finished in time for the show'. Please apply when you vehicle is ready to show.

2. All vehicles selected to be within the Exhibition Hall must arrive in between 4pm - 8pm on Saturday 17th of September. Saturday Arrival is Mandatory for the Indoor HallAll cars selected to be on the Premium Outdoor Plaza & Paddock must arrive by 8am on Sunday 18th of September. Saturday Arrival is optional but recommended for the Outdoor Plaza & Paddock

3. On the day of the show your vehicle must be in place until 4pm on Sunday 18th September.

4. There will be wash areas available on the Saturday provided by Immerse Detailing. All cars must be fully dry before going in the hall. There will be a choice of DIY wash areas as well as manned areas with local Sonax Qualified Detailers.

5. If you were in the Offset Show TOP 40 you're still more than welcome to apply for Fitment. However, cars with significant changes from previous appearances, as well as cars that haven't been inside before, take priority placement. This keeps the show fresh and avoids the "same cars as last year" vibe.



Send an email to containing all of the below information. We need a full spec list including:

• Your Instagram username if used for your car
• Make, Model, Year
• Engine Mods
• Suspension & Handling
• Wheels & Tyres
• Interior
• Paint & Wrap
• Bodywork & Body-kits
• Any other modifications
• Awards from other events
• Any future mods to be completed by end of August
We will check-in on the progress prior to accepting your vehicle.

You must include a minimum of 6 up-to-date images as well as all the required information above. The more you tell us about your vehicle the better we can process your application.


All applications will be processed in July & August. If you see other people receiving a response, please do not panic, we will get back to you.

Please note, we understand everybody wants to be within a premium show zone. Please remember we have limited space within these zones and as much as we'd love to we cannot accept everybody. If you aren't accepted for one of these three zones, you can still attend. We have unlimited Individual Show & Shine space and many club stands for you to join!

Good Luck and thank you for applying for Fitment Show 2022.